An Spréach members brought before the courts on spurious charges.

An injury to one is an injury to all!
An Spréach members brought before the courts on spurious charges.

TODAY 23/7/14 members of An Spréach and D8HAC were brought before the ‘criminal courts of justice’ on charges relating to an incident that arose in Tom Kelly Flats on 29/6/14, which saw 8 housing activists arrested, and subsequently charged with ‘trespass’.

The activists had initially set out to see if it was in any way feasible to do up a vacant flat in the complex in order to accommodate someone in need. And to also highlight the needless amount of vacant properties left lying idle around the country, that instead, could quite easily be used to help satisfy the high demand for social housing in Ireland.

Accessibility to social housing is diminishing fast – it is now estimated, in Dublin alone, a family a day is made homeless. We’re living in very distressing times, and it seems the Council doesn’t care at all! Not one iota! Something needs needs to be done about it, and fast!

The eight activists will appear again in court on the 10th September 2014.


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