Anti Homeless Device Removed by An Spréach

Today, June 22, members of An Spréach Housing Action Committee removed an anti-homeless device installed on the premises of the Department of Social Protection.

Speaking afterwards one of the activists stated, “it’s the hight of hypocrisy for a department whose supposed function is the protection of societies most vulnerable, resorting to such draconian measures and stopping homeless people from sleeping on their doorstep. It is estimated there are over 150 people sleeping rough at any giving time on the streets of Dublin. Blocking them from sleeping in doorways isn’t going to help their situation at all.”

If any of you know of any other anti-homeless devices, please let us know. It is highly unacceptable, unjust, and will not be tolerated.

An Spréach – (HAC)


Photo Credit, Broadsheet:


Photo Credit – Demo Dairy Adele King:


Photo Credit – Demo Dairy Adele King:


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16 Responses to Anti Homeless Device Removed by An Spréach

  1. Great to see some positive action !

  2. Paul Wickham says:

    Been homeless, and this new thing of driving away people who are at their lowest ebb in this way is saddening and sickening. Well done! Well done indeed!

  3. Barry. says:

    I fully appreciate what you are trying to do, but unfortunately this is vandalism and criminal damage. There are perfectly legal methods you could go down to get those devices removed, this not being one. This will just get your, fully commendable, organisation into legal trouble.

    • lokie says:

      this is a criminal act in its self. just because there isn’t a law against it doesn’t mean its right. watch his fully commendable organisation get into legal trouble and watch how many people stand behind them for doing so! the government only make the law because we ask then to..what happens when enough people are fed up with it? what happens when enough people stand for what they believe is right instead of what their government tell them is.

  4. Jeanie Campbell says:

    What kind of housing authority would carry out such heinous deeds against people who are having a hard time with shelter heartless. cruel, soul less people that’s who/

  5. Pat Cannon says:

    The mountain of greed, corruption and snobbishness is very high and will not move, so we just will have to climb over that mountain. fair play to all concerned.

  6. Lex says:

    Horrible things. just shows the way the world is going. since the recession everyone has been out for number one and nobody gives a fuck about the vulnerable. We need to reunite as a nation against our shitty governments not against our fellow people!

  7. Willibell says:

    Zombie government. Someone will trip over one of these things, break their face & will have a half million euro claim against the gov’t department. Paid for by the taxpayer of course. Zombie population to put up with it.

  8. Pádraig Drummond says:

    This is one of the lowest acts I’ve ever seen against some of the most venerable people in our society, and done by section of government set up to protect them. Well done to all involved, keep up the good work.

  9. kiki says:

    Respect from north!

  10. Well done Lads ! That’ s the job ! /D !

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