A Call to Action!

According to the charity Inner City Helping the Homeless there are at least 112 people sleeping rough at any one time on the streets of Dublin, among them is a nine months pregnant woman. They have also warned that seven people are being made homeless every day.

In one inner city community alone there are over 84 vacant units. Some of which have been unoccupied for well over 5 years or more. With many more boarded-up structurally sound housing around the country lying idle, and the 100,000 people on the housing waiting list, it is nothing short of a crime against humanity!

An Spréach Housing Action Committee is asking all those in Ireland who care about justice to join us in direct action against the powers that be, by helping us to liberate many unused vacant homes left lying idle throughout the country. Together we have the power to challenge the ruling class and landlords, helping those in need overcome the hurdle of homelessness, inadequate housing – and reaching a higher standard of living for all concerned.

The time for talking is over! It’s time to Stand Up and Fight for our Rights! – SOCIAL HOUSING IS A RIGHT!


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