Working Class Communities of Ireland Unite!

Many working class districts throughout Dublin are facing tough decisions these days. Run-down neighbourhoods have impacted on peoples lives, and neoliberal urban policy initiatives have led entire working class districts to becoming completely gentrified. Working Class people are being driven out to the margins of the city while their homes are destroyed to make way for massive office blocks, and private apartments. Local indigenous communities are being displaced, confined, and their neighbourhoods completely decimated by the unscrupulousness activities of big-time crooked private property developers.

Even with all this building going on, no new opportunities ever present themselves in the long run for the local populations; who after a few years of living in newly built homes received as payment for all their troubles, soon then find themselves back to square one fighting for equal opportunities under an alien social structure, and searching once again for decent, adequate housing; as has happened already around the country in the not too distant past.

Thousands of people continue to sleep it rough while more and more are being turfed out onto the streets by the banks as mothers with their children are being forced to live in their in cars. This needs to change; only we have the power to do so!

Social exclusion has had a major impact on the way we govern ourselves too. It has left us voiceless, all the while the major decisions in our lives are made, undemocratically, on our behalf.

So we ask you, will you stand up, and support your local community?

Working Class Communities of Ireland Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains!


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1 Response to Working Class Communities of Ireland Unite!

  1. I totally agree , I have seen swathes of my own birthplace ( Dún Laoighre ) being slowly gentrified & office /retail parks edge out traditional manafacturing concerns . & port based / fisheries industries being replaced by a marina ! In my own place Dalkey, which always has a good societal mix . has turned into some type of Hamptons of Dublin . Where no longer can the folk I grew up with, afford to buy in anymore !

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